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Not your traditional Gym, a community of people bored of the routine workouts and love High Intensity Training, the same approach our top athletes use with al its flavors and while your at it you can also learn self defense if you choose to.  We have it all under one roof.  

All ages

Our youth classes start at the age of 4 to prepare the next generation of super atheletes, disciplined, educated, motivated and competitive.


Your health and safety is our number ONE priority! We follow the guidelines and go a mile further by implementing enhanced sanitization techniques, spacing out classes to allow thorough cleaning in between and ongoing education and training of our staff.

Quality Equipment

High quality modern equipment, constantly sanitized with the most vigorous methods in a a clean and safe environment that you deserve. Don't settle when you can have the best and train with the best at unmatched value.

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Train like a champion. Regardless of age or athletic ability, access the benefits of Mixed Martial Arts training. Build strength, endurance and conditioning. Learn proper technique. Engage your mind with intelligent sequencing.



Taken to a whole new wvwl

Choose a program the fits your needs


TWO HOURS PARKING so that you have enough time to shower.  Workout literally across the street from the greatest stadium ever erected, replete with rich history and culture.


The crown jewel of Yorktown Mall, why workout only when you can shop too.  Some of the best stores around,  JC pennys, Von Maur, Marshals, H&M, Express, Forever 21 and more. 

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